❝He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician.❞

Chinese Proverb

One simple mission guides our direction and inspires every decision we make – to create freshly made food that caters to those crazy individuals that demand their meal just so. Whether it’s because of a moral compass, food intolerance, desire to be a little healthier or just because you’re bit particular about how you like your dinner.

Every one of us has a connection with food. It brings us comfort, gives us energy and life and creates every building block of our body. Ninjō understands we each have a unique relationship with our food and how even small changes to diet and lifestyle can increase health and happiness.

❝Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler❞

Albert Einstein
  • Take fresh ingredients and chop
  • Add heat (lots of heat) and toss
  • Stir in some carefully crafted sauce
  • (Not so much as to overwhelm the ingredients!)
  • Serve in a compostable bowl with lovely toppings

Ninjō is quality over quantity street food. With decades of experience studying ingredients and techniques we’ve stripped things back to basics.

No MSG, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, no refined sugars or polyunsaturated oils. Just gluten free, plant based freshly cooked food that tastes great.

Wok Fresh Shikko Tofu Yakisoba