Our Asian noodle bar can provide street food for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, festivals and more.

Smaller events up to 150 guests

Ensure a relaxed atmosphere at your event by pre-paying for your guest’s food.

This method is ideal for parties, festival style weddings or office lunches.

There’s no worry of handling cash on the day so your guests can relax and enjoy their meal.

Prices start at £450

Call or email us for a quote.

Medium events up to 500 guests

A great option for events in their first year or where it’s difficult to estimate turnout.

We may expect 2 or 3 other food vendors working alongside us.

Guests pay directly for their food on the day.

Where takings from guest don’t cover our £450 minimum feee, the event organiser will match the remainder.

Larger events or festivals 500+ guests

Book us for larger functions and festivals where over 500 guests are expected.

Food is paid for by each customer and is freshly cooked to order.

A pitch fee or percentage of takings is to be agreed in advance.

Contact us to discuss your requirements


Are you quotations all inclusive?

Yes, our quotes for pre-paid bookings include the food, staff & travel to your event.

How long will you stay and serve food for at the event?

At pre-paid events and weddings we will normally be on site for about 4 hours.

Do you provide utensils and plates?

All our meals are served in cardboard food packaging along with wooden forks and chopsticks.

How does the menu work at a wedding / event?

We provide the same menu at weddings, events, festivals and markets.

Can guests choose what they want or is there a limit?

Guests can choose anything from the menu but are limited to one portion per person.

How long does it take to serve our guests?

Our food is cooked to order and takes approximately 2 minutes per person