The Ninjō Story so far…

Introduced in June 2012 under the name nudlz, our mission has remained the same – to produce freshly wokked dishes that are full of flavour, pander to the fussiest of customers while minimising harm to the environment and those we share it with.

Our original setup consisted of a small gazebo, table and home made wok cooker. The queues were long, but we’re told the wait was worth it. A second cooker and more varied menu was added shortly afterwards and the focus was to maintain consistency and improve efficiency to serve our hungry noodlers as quickly as possible.

To cater for busy bees we introduced pre-ordering, first in the morning before the lunch rush, and then via phone from your office desk.

In October 2014 we moved in to our new prep kitchen and began attending the market in Trowbridge – our first new pitch since we started trading.

Come rain, shine, or on one occasion 60mph gale force winds and torrential downpour, we hit the markets in Chippenham and Trowbridge until our poor gazebo, despite being welded on more that one occasion, could take it no more.

In May 2016 we introduced our new noodle van and shortly afterwards our crispy mini spring rolls and a new name – Ninjō
Ninjō (pronounced nin-jaw) is a Japanese word which translates to compassion or human emotion. It was chosen to reflect the foundation of our business and which forms the basis of every decision we make.

In April 2017 we began providing our services further afield when we rolled in to Devizes market and Sundays in Chippenham 6 months later. Along with the new regular trading days we introduced our new iPad based Point of Sale which provides receipts and contactless card payments to customers for the first time.

In November we smartened ourselves up as well as strengthening our vegan branding with new uniforms. Our bright green T-shirts and contrasting black aprons feature our Ninjō logo and proudly advertise our vegan roots.

2018 saw the introduction of our first two rice based dishes. Firstly our aubergine and red pepper, mildly spiced, fragrant and citrus thai inspired curry. Followed by our take on a Malaysian dish, Chik’n satay. Forfeiting the skewers and substituting the traditional peanut sauce for our own sunflower butter we created a nut free all in one dish.

Our latest chapter is the introduction of Delivery Fridays. Every lunchtime on Friday Ninjō delivers our Wok Fresh Noodles straight to you along with a selection of drinks and complete protein cookies.