We understand that everyone is built differently

and the same goes for our food preferences…

Ninjō was inspired from the beginning by this concept and we cook our dishes individually using a custom menu system to allow our customers to make a meal their own.

All our food begins with a simple plant based promise.

No animal products and produced in a way to minimise impact on the environment.

From here you can select your veg. More? Less? Non at all?

Less oil? More sauce?

Which noodles would like? Wheat or rice noodles? And is that made using gluten free soy?

Tell us which extras you’d like from our menu.

Coconut curry with cashew?

Hoisin with mushrooms and sesame?

Sweet and sour with garlic, ginger and pineapple maybe?

How about  adding a few spring rolls and some organic cola to complete your meal?